Harbourside Nights 2 – A huge success


Opening act, Rae and Mark, commanded the audience’s attention with their own brand of sophisticated acoustic original songs.

They were followed by a talented new rock band, “We Were Once”, who packed the floor with fans, moving to their music. “We Were Once” are managed by HiT graduate, Bill Haggerty, and produced by fellow HiT graduate, Matthew Pomponio. Congratulations Bill and Matt - May your successes multiply!

Next, “Sons of Granville”, a passionate, soulful and inspiring gypsy/rock type instrumental trio treated us all to a virtuosic  performance. The trio features the awesome rhythmical talents of HiT graduate, Jarrett Plett, on drums and cajon.

This was half-time. HiT’s Music Business instructor, Brian Watson, entertaining as ever, took to the stage and presented the great door prizes to the winners.

After the break, current graduating class student, Keanna Arnason, everyone’s favourite, didn’t disappoint – Her haunting voice and original songs were accompanied by her acoustic guitar and the percussion genius of Jarrett Plett.

Then came, Hit graduate, Mike Slater’s “CFOX Band of the Month” winners, “Slow Wave Saga”,  just to show us how good it can get.

Finally, the undeniably talented combination of Swel Life and Qtripzy graced the stage and rocked the house. They were fortunate to be accompanied by another one of HiT’s graduates and high quality drummers, Brad Tasker.

Thank you to Mike Rogerson for once again guiding his students to another fine night of great live sound and recording.

Thank you to all the students who participated in setting up and running the live sound and recording for this event.