Animation Comics, True Crime Stories and Windsong Music.


In addition to working with local talent, Hit graduate, ADAM TURNER, made contact with an animation/comic studio called ‘Arcana‘, for whom he did some dialogue recording. His personable attitude and studio know-how impressed them, and led to him being hired permanently for all their upcoming projects. Some of his recent credits are:
Abiding Perdition  (an animated comic book)
Pixies (graphic novel)
Clockwork Girl (created a demo score for the full-length animated feature film due fall 2012)
A Cat named Haiku (childrens ipad app)
The Gwaii (live action animation)
Arcana all-stars (ipad fighter/rpg game)

RAELAN DEKKER continues to work as a Sound Designer on the 6th and final episode of Edge of War .
The composer/mixer has asked him to place sound effects for another 10 episode series called True Crime Stories.

Graduate, BRENT GIBSON, with the help of  HiT Music Business instructor, BRIAN WATSON, has launched his record label Windsong Music Group.
Windsong Music is a full service record label dedicated to discovering the most exciting new Christian artists in Canada today.
Brent’s company has formed a partnership with one of the biggest Evangelical Christian organizations in Canada, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – BC Yukon District and with Maximum/EMI.