Harbourside Studios – a new piece of gear


HiT’s studio recently acquired a fine piece of gear:
The Creamer Tube Preamp from Sonic Farm.

We welcome Boris Drazic, one of the founders of Sonic Farm and creators of this magnificent tube pre-amp, to our staff of instructors – He will be teaching HiT students: studio maintenance, acoustics and soldering.

About this fantastic Preamp:

The Creamer’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it has a very pleasing pentode coloration while retaining transparency until now achieved only with meticulously designed solid state preamps. The advanced hybrid design enables a switchable solid state or transformer output for two distinctively different characters. When you add a choice of pentode or triode tube mode, there are in fact 4 preamp sounds in it.
Only the highest quality Cinemag transformers, on both input and output, are used. The Creamer is great for recording vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, acoustic instruments, etc.
Recent reviews in Pro Audio and Tape Op magazines.