Sam Ryan and Jarrett Plett step out as Lionzgate


HiT instructor, Sam Ryan, and graduate, Jarrett Plett   are playing their first full set  at the Anza Club on Halloween.
Lionzgate’s first test run, on the big stage, happened last saturday night when they opened ¬†up a show playing Knife Parties Centipede at the Bell Center of Performing Art .
The crowd loved it, even though they came to  enjoy classical piano, choirs, and string sections, which followed.

Lionzgate juxtaposes that simplicity with the tribal nature of a single hand drum controlling a modern electronic music and visual system.
Electro DJ Sam Ryan and Percussionist Jarrett Plett will engage in a truly interactive performance.
The name Lionzgate, inspired by a recent near brush with death. Sam walked away from a head on car collision on the Lions Gate Bridge spring of 2012
which served as a catalyst to re-evalute and look within, resulting in bringing this project to life.