Lady Antebellum uses the Creamer to record Background Vocals


HiT Instructor, Boris Drazic, one of the founders of Sonic Farm and creators of the amazing tube pre-amp, the Creamer, recently received a message from Clarke Schleicher, Warner Brothers Recording Studio, Nashville.

Clarke’s message to Boris : “I’ve been using the Creamer on Dave Haywood’s BGV’s for Lady Antebellum’s album. Loving it. Really gives him a nice silky tone!”

A few weeks ago, Boris asked HiT Registrar, Tony Rudner, if he had any connections to Lady Antebellum, because he loved their rich sounding vocals and wanted them to try out his tube pre-amp, the Creamer.
Tony suggested that Boris send the pre-amp down to his friend, Warner Bros Chief Recording Engineer, Clarke Schleicher, in Nashville, who has been recording the group’s latest album.

Clarke also worked on Lady Antebellum’s previous, grammy award winning album.