Lady Gaga uses the Creamliner


HiT instructor, Boris Drazic, has been busy inventing new audio gear and marketing his state of the art equipment to the big dogs, with some success.
In 2012, the Pro Audio Creamer, produced by Boris’s company, Sonic Farm, was nominated for a “Pro Audio Review” Excellence Award.

Our Registrar, Tony Rudner, introduced Boris to Warner Bros, chief recording engineer, Clarke Schleicher, who tried the Creamer and was impressed enough to use it on Lady Antebellum’s latest album.

Recently, when Lady Gaga was in town, Boris contacted her “front of the house” live audio engineer, Chris Rabold, and presented him with Sonic Farm’s new tube line driver for digital consoles, the Creamliner.

Chris, used it on the show and was impressed enough to ask Boris if he could keep it for the rest of the tour.