Kenny Chesney uses the Creamliner


HiT Instructor, Boris Drazic, one of the founders of Sonic Farm Pro Audio and co-creator of the renowned Creamer Pre-Amp, has been acknowledged again for his stereo line conditioner, the Creamliner.

Front of the House live mixer, Chris Rabold,  used the Creamliner on the Lady Gaga tour and is about to use it on the Kenny Chesney “No Shoes Nation Tour 2013.”

The Creamliner is a stereo line signal conditioner, which improves the sound of a digital PA board by running it through a pentode.
In addition, the signal passes through the input, and, if selected, also the output transformer.
2 tactile switches allow for line selection and true bypass, enabling it to connect two mixers, which is often necessary at live events.

Chris Rabold says:  “The Creamliner is the single biggest difference maker I’ve used in a long time….maybe ever!”

Congratulations Boris!