Sonic Farm – 2di4 pentode DI Box Review


Harbourside IT instructor, Boris Drazic recently
had his new 2DI4 Pentode  Direct Box reviewed by “Recording” magazine.

Paul Vnuk Jr., well known percussionist, synthesist, vocalist, recording engineer and sound designer had some great things to say about the DI Box:

With the 2DI4 the folks at Sonic Farm have done
a great job of creating a tone box that adds a tube personality in very versatile ways. The 2DI4 avoids the stereotypical dark muddiness that is often considered “vintage”, offering both character and clarity in a lovely balance.
The best praise I can give the 2DI4 is to reiterate that I have used it in every studio session and live sound gig since it entered my life. In other words, the 2DI4 really is “to die for”.

Read the full review here..

At HiT we believe in the integrity of all Boris’s Sonic Farm products and will certainly be acquiring a 2DI4 and adding it to our recording studio arsenal.