April 2013 Class in Song Production Studio Session


A new dimension has been added to Ron Irving’s songwriting classes – After covering the basics of songwriting with a class, he is joined by Tony Rudner and with the help of the students they write a song. When the song has been written they go into the recording studio and record it – This gives students an opportunity to be part of a professional songwriting, recording, and production experience – from inception to completion. Both Ron and Tony were staff songwriters for BMG.

3rd semester students were in the studio with HiT Songwriting instructor, Ron Irving, HiT Founder, Tony Rudner and Graduate, Dakota Poncilius – Recording and Producing the song “Take Me Away” that the class wrote with Ron and Tony last semester.

Top session musicians were hired to record the bed tracks: Drummer, Randall Stoll and bassist, Rob Becker, were accompanied by Tony Rudner on acoustic guitar and Ron singing a guide vocal.

The next session will involve, blues singer Hans Stamer and virtuoso guitarist, Andreas Schuld – Students of the class, together with Ron and Tony will be singing the backing vocals. Dakota Poncilius is the recording engineer on the project – So far he has captured some great drum, bass and acoustic guitar sounds.