Davey just won’t stop


HiT graduate and electronic music wiz kid, Davey Badiuk, is in the spotlight once again. His song, “Protospasm”, just got a spot in the new Seth Rogen/Zak Efron movie, “Neighbors”.

He recently produced Greg Sczbel’s first single, from his new project  “Sebell”, which is currently sitting at #31 on the Canadian Billboard Top 40 chart. The song just won the Bell Emerging Artist award, which means that Bell radio stations across the country will be playing it and helping it to climb up the charts.

Davey is also 3 songs deep into the new Dragonette album and is busy renovating and transforming a mansion into a recording studio, with Dan from the band.

They will be using the new recording studio to launch their new production company, and are currently working with Zack Werner, one of the judges from Canadian Idol. Together with Zack, they’re developing a  girl band of 12 year olds, in the hope of creating the next Spice Girls. In addition, Dan and Davey are working with a band called ‘The Boom Boom’, who just signed a deal with Capitol Records and are managed by Dr. Luke’s right hand man, Cirkut.