Don Striez completes 3 major projects in 2013


In 2013, HiT instructor, studio builder and installation specialist, Don Striez, completed 3 very large audio installation projects:

New Discovery Centre at Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario.

This project included a 6 video monitor synchronized show with the “Day In The Life” battle scene at the Fort.
1. A  life-size replica of a cannon that can be fired to sink ships on a video monitor.
2. Life sized video hosts that answers questions about life at the Fort.
3. A real ghost of Sir John A McDonald.
4. A multi-touch info inter-active tabletop – A dinning table interactive showing what dinner time and meals were like at the Fort for the enlisted men and the officers.
5. Three synchronized video shows that allow the visitor to work along side a doctor at the Fort, decide how to school their children, or take a picture of themselves, allowing them to try on the different uniforms.

MAG – Museum and Art Gallery in Red Deer, Alberta.

This new exhibit about the history of Red Deer included many computer inter-actives:
A train station, a club cafe, a conversation between city planners, an old antique, floor standing, radio, playing news from the first world war and an old replicated Capitol Theatre that plays old black & white silent comedy from the Buster Keaton era.

Cave & Basin – Banff, Alberta

Don’s final 4 month project last year was the installation of a $500,000 audio visual system at the new and renovated Cave & Basin Visitors’ Centre in Banff, Alberta.
With 3 new purpose built buildings and a fully restored 100 year old Bath House, this site is the birthplace of the very first National Park of Canada.
The project included 22 various computer touch screen inter-actives, audio-soundscapes, a large interactive map of Canada,  a green screen photo booth for sending photo postcards to family, an outdoor HD cinema under the stars, and 2 HD indoor theatres for showing presentations and videos. The main feature is a large 4 screen, synchronized, high definition show, running daily every 20 mins in the main story hall – Continuously playing an HD synchronized movie about all the National Parks across Canada, as well as the history of the Cave.

Don and his team designed and installed the show with HD projectors and 4 large twenty foot film screens, 12 channels of surround sound and control automation.