Lionzgate, Equestria Girls and Sam Ryan


HiT Electronic Music Instructor, Sam Ryan, is busy doing his thing as usual.
Sam completed a Dubstep remix of a song featured in the opening credits of the animated feature film “My Little Pony-Equestria Girls”.
He also did some additional production and mixing of the theme song for the animated series “Littlest Pet Shop”.

Sam is an inspired and animated individual – It’s no wonder, animation film makers seek him out.

If you’re not familiar with Sam’s Lionzgate project, this is what it’s about:

The name “Lionzgate” is inspired by a recent brush with death.  Producer Sam Ryan, the projects’ creator, walked away from a violent head-on car collision on the Lions Gate Bridge. The accident served as a catalyst and as a re-evaluation of identity which brought the idea to life. Reminiscent of early mind bending influences such as Pink Floyd and TOOL while being driven by the infectious energy of electro bass music and hypnotic pulse of tribal drumming, Lionzgate effortlessly challenges you. It contains an aural fabric that can transport you to hidden realms of your mind. The storming and at times ethereal melodies sit magnificently between hard crafted rhythms and sonic passages. Laden with lush textures, each song is an existential mind trip catapulting the willing passenger into distinct wonder.

Sam’s partner in Lionzgate is Harbourside graduate and percussionist extraordinaire, Jarrett Plett.

Here is a sneak peak pre-release of their new music project :