Songwriting Class Studio Production


Last Thursday, HiT students from 3 different classes were in the studio with Songwriting Instructor, Ron Irving,  Harbourside Graduate and Chief Studio Engineer, Dakota Poncilius, and Registrar, Tony Rudner.
Top Vancouver Studio Drummer, Randall Stoll, and Bass Player extraordinaire, Norm Fisher (Bryan Adams), were present and in virtuosic form, laying down the beds for 3 songs.
Dakota, with the help of some students, did an excellent job setting up and recording, and Tony Rudner was sitting in the producer’s chair, with Ron Irving co-producing.

The songs were written in Ron’s songwriting class by Ron , Tony and Harbourside Institute students.

Congratulations to Hit Post Audio Instructor, James Wallace, ¬†for winning a LEO Award in the category of “Best Sound Editing Motion Picture” – for the movie “Evangeline“.