HiT Graduates and Instructors Just Do It


Harbourside IT graduates, Cam Boyer, Kim Startup and Bartek Danel are, no doubt, an asset to the Briere Production Group, as they continue to work for the audio division.
Thanks to HIT man, Brian Watson, for making the introductions.

Cam is currently a very busy recording engineer, working with a plethora of talented artists, including the production of a number of songs for Jordan Heaney’s band, Empire.

HIT instructor, Mike Rogerson, also has his hand in the production of Jordan Haney’s band.
In addition, Cam and Bartek have been assisting  and engineering for Mike, on projects for Lethal Halo and 88 Mile Trip.

Other Harbourside graduates in the news:

Viviam Reyes, is now working for Google – Wow!

Dave Meszaros has moved his Watershed Productions to Creativ Recording Studios in North Vancouver.

Keanna Arnason is  singing in Harbourside IT instructor, Sam Ryan’s band and also working on an album with graduate, Brayden Dykowski.

Shane Stephenson’s band, Derival, has made the top 12 at the Peak Performance Project.

Seems like the Harbourside IT philosophy is in sync with that of Richard Branson’s:

Screw It Just Do It !