No Turkey Jive at Harbourside Nights 5

Keanna Arnason, Jarrett Plett, Sam Ryan of Lionzgate

Graduation presentation, high level performances and some fine socializing !

A message from Harourside IT’s Managing Director, Brian Watson:

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Railway Club last Thursday night, newbies, instructors and alumni alike! Harbourside Nights 5 was a HUGE success!

Special thanks to all our performers: Jordan Heaney, Maverick Goldsmith, Maya, Empire and Lionzgate!

And CONGRATULATIONS once again to our grads Bartek Danel, Jihad Krupa, Jordan Heaney, Maverick Goldsmith, Sam Law, Shane Stephenson and Sherilyn “Shay” Fernando!

See ya’ all at Harbourside Nights 6 happening Jan 2015!

Cheers ~ The Hit Army