Boris Drazic’s Berliner pre-amp – MIX Review


Harbourside IT instructor, Boris Drazic, is part of the Sonic Farm duo that is inventing and marketing some amazing, high fidelity, gear.  Mix Magazine recently published a review of their Berliner preamp.

Michael Cooper had the test unit for several months, and utilized it extensively, putting it through the ringer.

Here is the gist of his review :

Berliner sounded outstanding on lead vocals: at once lush, three-dimensional, clear and precise.

Next up was a palm-muted electric-guitar vamp, played with a ’62 Strat. Driving the tube gain stage once again delivered a gorgeous sound: lush, yet brimming with in-your-face detail.

The Fat and Air equalization circuits both sounded absolutely gorgeous: smooth and rich.

The FAT2 setting lent a thunderous low end to electric bass guitar, recorded via Berliner’s front panel DI jack. With the tube gain cranked and the solid-state output selected, the sound was huge but not at all boomy or mushy.

Running a full mix through the line inputs, the preamp added delicate luster, subtle top-octave sparkle and dimension.

The bottom line? Whether processing mic, line or instrument signals, Berliner sounds absolutely phenomenal.

The full review can be read here - Mix Magazine link