Lionzgate at the Diversity Festival


Lionzgate is comprised of Harbourside IT instructor, Sam Ryan, and graduates, Keanna Arnason and Jarrett Plett.

Lionzgate performed a stellar show to a packed crowd on July 25th at the Diversity Festival on Texada Island. Their spellbinding live-performance electronic audio and visual set, accented by AcroFire Entertainment and Phoenix Circus Aerial Silks blew the crowd away!

Sam, the founder, had this to say about the group’s inception and concept:

“The name Lionzgate is inspired by a recent brush with death. I walked away from a violent head-on car collision on the Lions Gate Bridge in 2012. The accident served as a catalyst and as a re-evaluation of identity which brought the idea to life”.

Driven by the infectious energy of electro bass music and the hypnotic pulse of tribal drumming, Lionzgate effortlessly challenges you. It contains an aural fabric that can transport you to hidden realms of your mind. The storming and at times ethereal melodies sit magnificently between hard crafted rhythms and sonic passages.