Kerry Galloway and Random Acts of Tuning


Harbourside IT instructors, Kerry Galloway and Mike Rogerson, together with graduate and studio manager, Cam Boyer, were at Harbourside Studios today, tracking drums and bass for Michael Friedman’s new album, “Random Acts of Tuning” – They will be back in the recording studio tomorrow.

Kerry is the producer of the album, while Mike and Cam are the recording engineers for drum and bass tracking.

The “dream team” personnel include: David Sinclair, Ed Henderson and Paul Pigat on guitars, Peggy Lee on cello, Keith Bennett on harmonicas, Vince Mai on trumpet, Deborah Holland on background vocals, Craig Scott and Tony Chamberlist on drums, Celso Machado on percussion and Laurence Mollerup and Kerry on bass – What a line up!

The tracks are being recorded almost exclusively with Harbourside Institute instructor, Boris Drazic’s, stunning Sonic Farm preamps.