Synergize Music Productions at HiT


Synergize Music Productions consists of Harbourside IT graduates, Brayden Dyczkowski, Gabriel Seixas, and Daniel Turgeon.

As part of the ARA program, instructor,  Sam Ryan, set up a songwriting session with HIT student Andy Collins and local pop singer/songwriter Craig Smart.

Sam then suggested that Brayden contact Andy and offer the production services of Synergize Music Productions for the song that he was about to write with Craig

Andy thought that this was a great idea and asked Brayden if  he wanted to be involved in the songwriting session with Craig, which led to Synergize producing the song “Mary Mary”.

After a few weeks, the Synergize team finished work on the song, which was approved by Craig’s record label, Sony Music/Canada, and touted to be his next single.

The success of this collaboration resulted in Craig sending, Brayden, Gabriel and Daniel, a vocal track for his next single, which is to follow “Mary Mary”. Synergize is currently working on the production of that song.

Congratulations Boys!