SOS reviews Silk Road pre-amp


Harbourside IT instructor, Boris Drazic, and his partner, Zoran Todorovic, at Sonic Farm, continue to make in-roads into the audio industry, with their innovative pre-amps.

After having reviewed 3 of their preamps, the UK based Sound On Sound magazine’s editors have come to expect only the highest quality products from Sonic Farm.

The reviewer, Hugh Robins, was not disappointed. Here’s his final observation on the Silk Road:

I enjoyed using the Silk Road very much
indeed. In fact, of all the Sonic Farm
preamps I’ve tested to date this is probably
my favourite and the one I’d be most
likely to buy myself, as it’s ideally suited
to the kind of classical and acoustic work
I prefer.

Surprisingly, I can’t think of many dual-channel solid-state preamps with instrument inputs in a desktop-format, let alone any with discrete transistor gain stages or the tonal versatility of the Silk Road!

You can read the full article here or in SOS’s July 2016 issue.