Harbourside IT instructor making waves


Over the next 2 months, Harbourside IT audio engineering and pro tools instructor, Mike Rogerson, is heading into the HiT Studios  to record albums for 2 bands: Aggression and Gatekeeper.  They will be co-engineered by current student, Sandeep.

The previous Aggression album that Mike recorded, was voted 2nd best thrash album of 2016, internationally (beating both Metallica and Megadeth)

The 88 Mile Trip EP that Mike and a HiT student recorded, ‘Blame Canada’, is currently being released with many favourable reviews, and 88 Mile Trip were just named ‘best rock band in vancouver’, based on that release.

Mike Rogerson also recorded a single for Gatekeeper that was released internationally on a ‘tribute to Exiter’ compilation.

Keep doing’ it, Mike!