Feb 22, 2012

We are proud to inform you that HiT Student Album“Sessions # 2″ is in the final mixing phase and almost ready for press.

Congratulations to all involved in this amazing demonstration of creative excellence.

Students: Giuseppe DiSalvatore, Zac Levine, Silas Wong, Raelan Dekker & Quentyn Kermeen.
Instructors: Mike Rogerson, Sam Ryan & Brian Watson.


On another note – HIT Students, Graduates and Instructors, continue their expedition into the Centre of the Entertainment Jungle.
We’re all members of the team on this perpetual exploration. May you have a safe and fruitful journey.
All the best,

The HIT Faculty and Staff


HiT Students and Alumni making waves in 2012

HiT Graduate, GRANT CUNLIFFE, composed, produced the music, and was co-creator of http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Winds.

A 13-part travel-adventure series aimed for television broadcast as well as various online platforms. An exploration of both problems and answers. In 2013, a group of 7 young men will depart on a 65 ft sailboat from Vancouver, Canada, on the most epic and dangerous journey of their lives.  They will be leaving everything they know for 8 months as they attempt to sail around the America’s and capture their journey for the world to see. Grant is one of the crew members.


The Islands Rock

BRAD TASKER has been doing it – Working as an engineer and producer at Lemon Tree Studios in Victoria, BC. His big news for 2012 is that he now has a job as an engineer , producing radio commercials at 100.3 The Q (The Islands Rock) Victoria.


Raelan – Sound Design for
“Partners in Motion”

RAELAN DEKKER has not only written, performed and produced two amazing tracks for the, soon to be released, HiT Sessions #2 album – He is working as a Sound Designer on a new documentary called ‘Edge of War’ which is in production by Partners in Motion.
The series will be hosted by US General (Ret.) Wesley Clark. FIRST BATTLES will be seen locally on SCN and on Historia in French-Speaking Canada.

Jesse Brow and Eric Shi are up to some good


Congratulations to JESSE BROW who’s album is slated to be released in mid-March  by  a New Castle, UK, record label – Audio Parallax

HiT student, ERIC SHI’S promo company, Noize_Pollution, organized a successful  DJ event at the Tunnel Night Club in Vancouver on January 26th. http://www.facebook.com/events/129456217165605/


Stay creative and remember, “If you’re enjoying this moment, you’re already successful”.