July 16, 2010


New Start Times: October 12th 2010 – 5:15 pm to 9:15 pm

We have adjusted the start times of The Advanced Production and Career Portfolio Development Program (APCPD) due to the strong demand for more evening courses.

This new course is open to graduates of the HIT Audio Engineering and Music Production (AEMP) Diploma program.

Every aspiring audio professional needs a representation of their work, to demonstrate what they’re capable of. A professional portfolio allows you to present yourself with confidence and is usually the element that tips the scale in your favour.

This 3 month intensive course is designed to take you through the entire production process, from your concept to final product. Students will have access to some of Vancouver’s top studio musicians, to assist in the recording of beds for their projects.

The program includes advanced 200 level Pro Tools certification courses.

For further information please go to www.harboursideit.com

15% discount for early registration
To register for the October 2010 intake,
Visit the office or contact us at:
Tel: 604-980-2882
E mail: info@harboursideit.com

Student Accommodation on Facebook. Looking for a roommate?

HIT is on Facebook and we have just posted a new discussion thread to help students looking for shared accommodation find a roommate.

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Recent Testimonials…

“Two months into my first semester at HIT, I was working in the industry, and have been ever since. I learned how to properly display myself in the industry, proper application of current industry-standard digital audio programs and analog gear, and most importantly, learned to understand practicality when producing music. It’s important to realize that the audio industry nowadays is slowly entering a digital “do-it-yourself” era, where the technology allows us to work from home, using a lot less expensive equipment. A lot of audio schools seem to be solely focusing on how to use massive analog consoles and work in an entirely pro-studio environment. I definitely got that at HIT, but I also graduated with the knowledge to achieve professional results, using extremely accessible tools. I would highly recommend HIT to anyone with a passion-driven determination to enter the music industry.”

Yours truly,
Dave Badiuk