Sept 28, 2010

HIT Students to have Songs Released by Maximum Music/EMI and Harbourside Music Productions!

HIT has ventured into territory where only the Berklee School of Music has gone before:

Maximum Music/EMI and Harbourside Music Productions have jointly agreed to release product created by HIT students of the APCPD program, under the guidance of the program instructors.

Construction & Production!

Construction on the new upstairs Iso Booths will begin during the first week in October to be completed before school resumes on Oct. 12th.

A brand new student lounge is on the cards, also to be in operation before Oct. 12th.

Congratulations to HIT Instructor, Mike Rogerson, who in the past 8 months engineered and mixed a record for multiple Juno winner Alpha Yaya Diallo and produced records for SVT, Melinda Bailey(HIT graduate) and Che Aimee. He also recorded music for the Olympics and for the animated series “Raven Tales”.

Mike’s band “I’m Not Frank” has just had a song featured in the new movie “2 Indians Talking”.