Pro Tools supports Dolby Atmos Mixing

You may remember that 2 years ago Avid posted a story about the announcement on the Dolby Avid partnership and then it all went quiet. Well, it seems like a swan, where very little appears to be happening above the surface, but underwater there has been furious paddling. In this case it started with Avid spending time with key users in film post production business, exploring where their pain points where and then Avid working closely with the team at Dolby, including some under-the-bonnet work from Dolby to produce a very tightly integrated solution to be able to offer Avid Dolby Atmos integration for Pro Tools HD.

Avid are announcing at Avid Connect on the run up to NAB 2017 in Las Vegas that Pro Tools HD will be able to support and mix natively in the 10 channel Dolby Atmos format 7.1.2 with Avid promoting this as the “only DAW to natively support Dolby Atmos in the box.” Update: we have been informed that other DAWs also offer this so we’ve added this claim in quotes and will await clarification from Avid.