Ableton Live Courses

All Ableton programs and courses at The Harbourside Institute of Technology are taught by an Ableton Certified Instructor.

Ableton Live 101 Intensive Weekend Workshop – Click on this link

Ableton Live 9 is covered extensively in the  Audio Engineering and Music Production program

For those students who want to specialize in Electronic Music Production, the EMPA diploma program is an exciting option.

See the 3 Course Outlines Below:

Ableton 101 Intensive : Weekend Workshop


This hands on workshop is designed to unlock the basics of electronic music production in Ableton Live.

Saturday and Sunday : 10.00am to 4.00pm – April 22 & 23 

$299.99 + Taxes (includes free copy of Ableton’s book, Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Producers)

Ableton Live is a dynamic and empowering tool for every stage of the musical process, from composition to production to live performance.

Whether you are a producer or dj, sound designer or composer, the versatility of Ableton Live makes it the ideal tool for both beginners and experts alike.

Questions? Email or Call us at 604.980.2882

Course Outline

  • The Geography of Ableton
  • Session View and Ableton’s Unique Workflow
  • Drum and Midi Programming
  • Basics of Lives Instruments and Audio Efects
  • Mapping Controllers
  • Recording into Live
  • Composing in Arrangement View

No previous experience required***


Electronic Music Production – Ableton


Pre-requisite: AEMP diploma program

A 6 month full spectrum Electronic Music Production diploma program, specializing in creating, recording, producing, live performance, and career development.

The main platform used is Ableton Live 9, but students also work in Pro Tools and have the opportunity to become certified in Pro Tools 101 and 110.

  • 4 hours per day,
  • 5 days per week.

From concept through to barcode, students are fully immersed in the process of creating and releasing their own music, including, concept development, writing and composition, recording, mixing, mastering, branding, social media marketing, publicity, sales, traditional marketing, distribution and Live DJ / visual performance.

Course Outline

  • Ableton Live 9 Activate
  • Electronic Music Theory
  • Midi, Synthesis and Sound Design
  • ProTools 201
  • ProTools 210
  • Studio Recording
  • Third Party Plug – Ins and Hardware
  • Ableton Live 9 – Advanced Production & Processing Techniques
  • The Art of Mixing and Mastering
  • DJ & Performance
  • Visual Performance
  • Music Business
  • Push Lab


Ableton Live 9 (Included in AEMP)


Ableton Live 8 Course at Harbourside IT - School of Audio Engineering and Music Production, North Vancouver, Canada

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Installation and Setup
  • The Geography of Ableton’s Interface
  • Navigation
  • Managing Files
  • Clip overview and parameters
  • Clips
  • Using Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound
  • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers
  • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the Arrange View
  • Customizing Global Preferences: Making Live Your Own
  • Routing & Group Tracks: Directing Your Signal Flow
  • Instruments
  • Beat Slicing: Slicing Samples with Live’s Ultimate Rhythm Tool
  • Hot Swapping: Browsing New Sounds, Effects and Grooves on the Fly
  • Using VST/AU Plug-Ins: 3rd-Party Instruments and Effects
  • The Groove Pool: Shuffle, Swing and Timing
  • MIDI Effects: Live’s Little Helpers
  • Integrating External Hardware: Using Your Gear with Live
  • Dummy Clips: Triggering Programmed Automations in the Session View
  • Advanced MIDI Editing: Step Recording, Note Stretching and more
  • External Sync : Synchronizing Live with Drum machines or other systems
  • Rewire Live: Be the Master.. or the Slave
  • Introduction to Max for Live
  • Advanced Arrangement Editing: Freezing, Flattening and Mixing
  • Push Lab