Ableton Live

Ableton Live 8 Course at Harbourside IT - School of Audio Engineering and Music Production, North Vancouver, Canada

This course is taught by our Ableton Certified Instructor and is included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program.

A stand alone Ableton Production weekend workshop  is also held regularly at HiT – more info..

For those students who want to specialize further in Electronic Music Production, after completing the AEMP program , the EMPA  diploma program is an exciting option.

1. Introduction

– Dj’ing
– With a band
– Multi-tracking
– Producing & remixing
– Scoring

2. Installation and Setup
3. The Geography of Ableton’s Interface
4. Navigation
5. Managing Files
6. Clip overview and parameters
7. Clips

– autowarp
– Warp modes and controls
– Warp markers and transients
– Audio quantize
– Creative warping

– MIDI Quantization

8. Using Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound
9. MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers
10. Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the Arrange View
11. Customizing Global Preferences: Making Live Your Own
12. Routing & Group Tracks: Directing Your Signal Flow
13. Instruments
14. Beat Slicing: Slicing Samples with Live’s Ultimate Rhythm Tool
15. Hot Swapping: Browsing New Sounds, Effects and Grooves on the Fly
16. Using VST/AU Plug-Ins: 3rd-Party Instruments and Effects
17. The Groove Pool: Shuffle, Swing and Timing
18. MIDI Effects: Live’s Little Helpers
16. Integrating External Hardware: Using Your Gear with Live
17. Dummy Clips: Triggering Programmed Automations in the Session View
18. Advanced MIDI Editing: Step Recording, Note Stretching and more
19. External Sync : Synchronizing Live with Drum machines or other systems
20. Rewire Live: Be the Master.. or the Slave
21. Introduction to Max for Live
22. Advanced Arrangement Editing: Freezing, Flattening and Mixing
23. Push Lab