HIT Graduate Spotlight Series

The Hit Graduate Spotlight Series showcases how individual Harbourside IT grads are faring in the Audio Engineering and Music Production industries.

Our alumni work in many sectors of this diverse and exciting industry: Some are entrepreneurial, starting their own production and recording companies, while others are mixing and designing sound for film and television or producing records for independent and major labels.

Frans Hancke

We recently caught up with South African born, Frans Hancke. Frans graduated less than 6 months ago and has already  landed the position of Music Coordinator at Vancouver’s premier fashion event, Eco Fashion Week. We love his story because it shows the diversity of where you can apply your skills learned at HIT.

We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for one of our favourite grads!

1. What’s your best memory of being at HIT?

I can say with all honesty that every moment at HiT was super inspiring. Getting to know other students who are just as passionate about music as I was, and way more talented & being taught by people who are really experienced and knowledgeable and didn’t mind teaching us things we would have otherwise only learned through years of experience.

 2. Did HIT prepare you for work in the Audio Industry?

Absolutely!! Not only the technical lessons, which is involved in music production and the industry but also a way of interacting with other professionals and getting the best performance out of people.

 3. What advice can you give to our new students?

Network your ass off.  You can be the best music producer in the whole world but if you don’t have the right people listening to it, nothing can come of it. I seriously believe that your opportunities rely on the people you know and there is nothing standing in your way of getting to know the right people. Generally speaking, people in the entertainment industry are really interesting so it’s fun networking with them. Don’t ever say no to a party/event where you might be meeting cool people.

4. What’s your 3 desert island discs?

Foo Fighters – In your honour

Eminem – The Eminem Show

Metallica – S&M Live album

(One of the hardest questions I ever had to answer)

5. What it’s your fridge right now?                

Oh gosh. I have been really really, really busy the past couple of weeks and haven’t had time to do proper grocery shopping, so please don’t judge me.  12 cans of carbonated water and 12 beers I got for free, 2 really old tomatoes and an old container of yoghurt, which is super sketchy. I shall clean it out now…

Brad Tasker

We recently caught up with one of our Audio Engineering and Music Production graduates, Brad Tasker, who graduated just under a year ago. Since graduating from Harbourside IT, Brad has been busy working in recording studios and running the production department for several major market radio stations in Western Canada.

We can’t wait to see what future endeavours he will dominate.

1.What’s your best HIT memory?

My best memory from hit definitely was the first time I stepped into the control room in studio A. I remember being taken a back by it, I felt lucky to be able to learn in that kind of environment. And of course that beautiful piano I have great memories (and recordings) playing that piano during break. I fell in love with piano at HIT which was a complete bonus!

2.Did HIT prepare you for work in the Audio Industry?

HIT gave me a solid foundation leaving school. I was into the studio producing and engineering right out the gate at lemon tree studios in Victoria BC.

When I began my career in radio having a large skill set thanks to HIT set me apart, and gave me a leg up, I had a plethora of tools to use thanks to hit, as apposed to other producers in the industry who don’t receive that level of training giving me a huge edge in the standard a quality I can put out.

The biggest country music festival in Saskatchewan if not one of the biggest in Canada is the Craven Country Jamboree. With my production I was able to help Harvard Broadcasting become the sole provider of all craven advertising across the province instead of stations across SK producing their own they wanted me to do it all as it had “that sound”.

3.What advice can you give to our new students?

Open your mind to everything! Don’t just come with blinders on for one thing. Ask questions, make mistakes, and take advantage of all networking opportunities.

4.Which are your 3 desert island discs?

Only 3? That’s tough!

1. Foo Fighters, Wasting Light 2. Led Zeppelin IV and number 3 Joe Walsh, Analog Man

5.What it’s your fridge right now?

It’s a full house in there right now we just went grocery shopping. Some standouts? Ribs, steak, and beer!! Let’s BBQ!