Audio Engineering and Music Production program(AEMP)

Electronic Music Production(Ableton 9)

Ableton 101 : Weekend Workshop

Advanced Recording Artist program(ARA)

Pro Tools 101

Pro Tools 110

Pro Tools 130 (Game Audio)

Pro Tools 201

Pro Tools 210M

Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques


A nine month Audio Engineering and Music Production diploma program, providing 720 hours of integrated theory and real world studio practicals.

Classes are 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.This program is for those who are serious about obtaining a career in the audio industry.


Sign a record deal with HIT Records and Maximum Music / EMI.

The ARA program and Hit Records was developed to provide students with the opportunity of collaborating with award winning Engineers, Producers and Artist Management,  while gaining hands-on experience working inside an artist run record label.  Under the guidance of faculty advisors Mike Rogerson (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Sheryl Crow), Sam Ryan (SOS Music) and Brian Watson (Maximum Music Group), this 3 month diploma program is designed to take you through the entire production process, from concept to final product where students will be involved in all aspects of recording and releasing music, including, A&R, Artist Development, Sales, Marketing, Promotion and Publicity. Students will have access to some of Vancouver’s top studio musicians to assist in the recording stages of their production.

The program also includes advanced 200 level Pro Tools certification courses.

Ableton Live:

This course is taught by our Ableton Certified Instructor and is included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program or can be taken separately.

Pro Tools 101, 110, 130 (Game Audio), 201 and 210M:

The Pro Tools Digital Audio Production system is the universal standard. The hardware and software was developed by Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, and is used for recording and editing in music production, film scoring, and film/television post production. Avid manufactures systems that fit any budget, from $200 to $2,000,000. Because of the standardized software, these systems are all compatible with each other, which allows the user a great deal of flexibility. You can record in a professional studio with a fully loaded Pro Tools system – save your session to a hard drive and work with it in your bedroom on your $200 system – move back and forth between any number of Pro Tools facilities. This puts world class production at the fingertips of anyone with Pro Tools know how. HIT is in partnership with Avid’s Educational Division, and offers official Pro Tools certification. Pro Tools 101, 110 and 130 certification courses are included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program and are also offered separately. Pro Tools 201 and 210 certification courses are included in the Advanced Recording Artist program and also offered separately.

Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques:

This course provides 24 hours of integrated classroom theory and ‘hands on’ studio practicals.It is geared towards recording studio hobbyists, musicians, and novices of all ages.

Classes are four hours a day, one day a week.