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18 New Super Efficient Computers


2017 Ableton Workshop Series


A brief history of Dubstep - HiT Welcomes Propatingz
A pair of Adams speakers for Christmas
Ableton 101 - Intensive Weekend Workshop
Ableton 101 back by popular demand
Ableton 101 Intensive Announced
Ableton 101 Weekend Workshop
Ableton Intensive 101: Weekend Workshop
Ableton Live
Ableton Live 8 Course
Ableton Live Courses
Ableton Weekend Workshop - Intensive 101 Application Form
Ableton Weekend Workshop - Intensive 101:
Ableton Workshop a resounding success
Acoustics and Studio Design
Admission Requirements
Advanced Recording Artist Program
Album Production
Amanda - a prolific songwriter and recording artist
Amanda Jean writes for Anne Sophie
Animation Comics, True Crime Stories and Windsong Music.
Announcing Xcalibur Saturation Preamp!
App Form 2
Application Form
April 15, 2010
April 2013 Class in Song Production Studio Session
Audio Engineering and Music Production
Audio for Film, Video, and New Media
Audio for Video Games - Welcome 2014
Audio Media International reviews Creamerliner II
Aug 28, 2010
August 11, 2011


Be Merry at Harbourside Nights 9
Bernie Sanders people re-tweet Door 17
Big and Loud with Ron Irving
Book a Tour
Boris Drazic's Berliner pre-amp - MIX Review
Brad Tasker goes deeper into Radio Production
Brad Tasker puts theory into practice
Brayden Dyczkowski joins Faculty of Harbourside IT
Brayden in the studio with Russell Jackson
Brent Gibson, Cutting Edge Record producer
Brian Backbeat Watson surprise treat


Cam Boyer is a good man with a Halo
Catching up with HIT students and instructors
Chantel Kreviazuk and Global TV at HIT
Clayton Charleyboy and šxʷʔam̓ət
Colin James and Dave Meszaros
Complete Application
Congratulations to the class of april 2014
Creamliner II Nominated for Technical Excellence


Dakota and Nick Metalize the studio
Dakota at the Vancouver Folk Festival
Dakota at the Warehouse Recording Studio
Dakota sails off on the good ship Gearforce
Dakota smooth sailing the audio seas
Danial Sharif and Pink Buffalo
Daniel Pritchard moves into Rogers Arena
Dave Badiuk in Toronto with Dragonette
Dave Meszaros,Wake Owl and The Junos
Davey Badiuk and the Junos
Davey Badiuk back at Harbourside IT
Davey Badiuk's Protospasm
Davey just won't stop
David Meszaros Man of many talents
December 4, 2011
Derrival arrives at the Peak
Derrival at the Grey Cup and other news
Derrival in the Peak Performance Project Finals
Digital Audio Workstation Systems
DJ Classes now in session
Don Striez completes 3 major projects in 2013
Dragonette find Dave Badiuk


Educational Partners
Electronic Music
Electronic Music Production Ableton
Erica's Video Scholarship and other HiT ers in the news


Farewell but not goodbye to Grads
Feb 22, 2010
Feb 22, 2012
Free Ableton Live Workshop at Harbourside IT
Frequently Asked Questions


Gabriel, Dan and Magnolia at Harbourside Studios
Give the job to a busy man!
Grad, Zac Levine visits his old school
Graduates and Instructors
Great performances and saying goodbye


Hanging with Snoop Dogg
Harbourside IT Instructor and Bassist Extraordinaire
Harbourside IT instructor making waves
Harbourside IT Pro Tools Expert is on the move
Harbourside IT Workshop Series
Harbourside IT's 2014 Honour Roll
Harbourside IT's Bass Slapping Explorer
Harbourside Nights 10
Harbourside Nights 11 is almost upon us
Harbourside Nights 12
Harbourside Nights 2 - A huge success
Harbourside Nights 2 - Artist Showcase and Live Recording
Harbourside Nights 5 - You are invited!
Harbourside Nights 6
Harbourside Nights 7
Harbourside Nights 8 - a night to remember
Harbourside Nights 8 is here
Harbourside Nights 9 Jazzy Rocking Christmas
Harbourside Nights exceeds all expectations
Harbourside Studio gets a Pro Tools 12 overhaul
Harbourside Studios - a new piece of gear
Harbourside Studios aquires Moog Mother 32
Harbourside Studios taking new shape
Hard work and Perseverance furthers
HiT announces the Graduate Access Program
HIT Graduate Spotlight Series
HiT Graduates and Instructors Just Do It
HIT Graduates at Caribbean Days in Maple Ridge
HiT graduates making their way
HIT Instructors and Students in the News
HiT Instructors have been up to some good
HIT International Students granted Work Visas
HiT launches the first in the series: Harbourside Nights - Artist Showcase and Live Recording
HiT Music Business Instructor, Brian Watson, on Social Media Marketing
HiT signs on as Gold Sponsor of RichCity Idol 2012
HiT Students and Alumni make waves in 2012
Hit students, Alex and Thadius, in the news
HiT Students, Graduates and Instructors have been busy
HIT Students' CD released - sessions 1
HiT teams up with Erikson Audio


In the fast lane with Dragonette
Instructors, Graduates and Students in the Studio
Introduction to Basic Recording Techniques
It's Business as usual for HiT Instructor, Allan Levy
iTunes, Amazon and The CD Listening Party


James Wallace wins a 2014 Leo Award
James, Dakota and the Leos
Jessie Bridges at Harbourside Studios
John Sawa - post audio on Van Helsing
John Sawa Brings Home The Hardware
John Sawa is going further
Jordan Haney, Reg Pepito and Mike Rogerson
Juan Carlos Contreras releases Cosmos
July 16, 2010
June 8, 2011


Ken delivers Hammond B3
Kenny Chesney uses the Creamliner
Kerry and Tambura Rasa at the Folk Festival
Kerry Galloway and Random Acts of Tuning
Kerry Galloway's musical journey
Kerry Steelin In The Years


Lady Antebellum uses the Creamer to record Background Vocals
Lady Gaga uses the Creamliner
Lex Luger at Zac's High Class Studio
Lionzgate at armoury studios
Lionzgate at the Diversity Festival
Lionzgate Heading to the Armoury
Lionzgate puts another brick in the wall
Lionzgate Wrap Up at the Armoury
Lionzgate, Equestria Girls and Sam Ryan
Live Sound
Live Sound at the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant


Maximum Music, The Town Pants and Michael J. Fox
Mike Rogerson and Cam Boyer in Production
Mike Rogerson and the Whammy Awards
Modern Mixing Techniques
Music and Hockey
Music Composition and Sound Mixing for Vancouver
Music Theory and Song Writing


New Brighton DJ Festival - Saturday 13th August - 2PM to Dark
New Farms - Big Success - for Allan Levy
No Turkey Jive at Harbourside Nights 5
North Shore News - Friday, 16th December
Northern Ignition at Ski and Snowboard Festival
Northern Ignition play Pemberton Festival
Nov 6, 2010


Old Man Canyon opens for Foster the People
One More Girl and Yukon Gold


Paul Williams and Tony Rudner - Admin Deal with BMG
Paying Your Fees
Peak Performance Project and Derrival
Photo Gallery
Privacy Policy
Pro Tools 101
Pro Tools 110
Pro Tools 130 Game Audio
Pro Tools 201
Pro Tools 210M
Pro Tools Courses
Pro Tools supports Dolby Atmos Mixing


Randy Quaid at Harbourside
Record Production at HiT with Mike Rogerson
Recording Techniques
Recording with Dave Meszaros at Watershed
Recording with the April and July Classes
Refund Policy
Request Info
Rob The Moog Man hits Harbourside
Rock 101 visits HiT
Ron Irving - Big and Loud
Ron Irving and SueCo Music
Ron Irving and the Grand Ole Opry
Royal Tusk opening for Collective Soul


SAE Institute Acquires Harbourside Institute of Technology
Sam Ryan and Jarrett Plett step out as Lionzgate
Sam Ryan-Groundwerk Keynote Speaker
Sam, Charlotte and Jarrett in Session
Sambleton spreads Ableton Magic
Schuld and Rudner at Harmony Arts Festival
Schuld and Rudner at the Inspirational Gala
Sept 28, 2010
Sessions Vol 1 in the Province
Shirley Gnome - Champ of Comedy
Sign a Record Deal
Site Map
Snapatoonies Kids TV Series in the Upstairs studio
Snotty Nose Rez Kids
Songwriters of Canada - One on One with Ron
Songwriting Class Studio Production
Sonic Farm - 2di4 pentode DI Box Review
Sonic Farm rise to new heights
Sonic Farm's Beamer Reviewed
SOS Music on the move
SOS reviews Silk Road pre-amp
Sound Design for Crash Course Episodic
Sound On Sound - Creamer Plus
Sound on Sound Audio Products Awards 2014
Sound on Sound nominates The Berliner
Steelin' In The Years
Steven Rempel at the Armoury
Student Accomodations
Student Financial Aid
SueCo Music pitches HiT grad's songs
Summer Classes Starting Soon!
Synergize Music Productions at HiT


Tantra and Xcalibur at the Summer NAMM!
Thank You
The 141st AES show winds down
The Business of Music
The Daily HIT
The Deep creativity of Amanda Wourms
The Man with the Golden Bass
The West Block, Harbourside Studio Interview
Trash Album of the year
TrueSpin Records to release HiT student's new single
Tuition Fees


Venue - Live Sound Production certification


We'll be in touch!
Who are the Culprits?
Work and Study in Canada


Zac Levine heads back to a position in Seattle
Zac Levine is swimming upstream
Zac Levine records Crooked I
Zac Levine thankful for the Opportunities
Zac Levine wears many hats
Zac lights up the Baltic room