Dave Meszaros-Owner/Producer /Engineer-Watershed Music

Dave Meszaros is one of the most well rounded and knowledgeable engineers in Vancouver.  His studio credits include Colin James, Eric Bibb, Chilliwack, John Reischman, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Craig Northey and many other talented recording artists. His live (front of house) accolades include Theatre Under the Stars, Nick and Sophie Simmons, The Aboriginal Pavillion at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and repeat seasonal audio tech for the Banff World Media Festival. Dave is the Owner/Producer/Engineer at Watershed Studios.

In conjunction with his recording and production work, Dave recently started working for Macklam Feldman Management ( Elvis Costello, James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall, Colin James and more..)

Dave Meszaros on Harbourside IT:
Harbourside IT was a fantastic place for me to begin my career working in music and audio production. The instructors were excellent and I gained valuable skills and contacts that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Since graduating, the school has been very supportive and still to this day plays a role in my career.

Davey Badiuk

Davey Badiuk, at the age of  22, is a record producer/remixer, who, after only 3 years in the game, has made a major impact on the Canadian pop music industry.
He has remixed tracks and garnered several major releases for platinum selling artists such as: Tegan and Sara, Dragonette, Karl Wolf, Craig Smart, Rosette, Kuba Oms and many more.

Davey is on his way!

Davey Badiuk on the Harbourside Institute of Technology:
Two months into my first semester at HIT, I was working in the industry, and have been ever since. I learned how to properly display myself in the industry, proper application of current industry-standard digital audio programs and analog gear, and most importantly, learned to understand practicality when producing music. It’s important to realize that the audio industry nowadays is slowly entering a digital “do-it-yourself” era, where the technology allows us to work from home, using a lot less expensive equipment. A lot of audio schools seem to be solely focusing on how to use massive analog consoles and work in an entirely pro-studio environment. I definitely got that at HIT, but I also graduated with the knowledge to achieve professional results, using extremely accessible tools. I would highly recommend HIT to anyone with a passion-driven determination to enter the music industry.

Spencer Ratzlaff

I love this place.. if you love playing and writing music this is the place for you. From the awesome staff that answer any problem you have to the studio that has everything you need to make the dream album you always wanted to make.


Ant Foe

Great Programs! I went into this with a lot of self taught knowledge. The audio engineering & music production program helped me refine those skills and learn lots not only from the teacher but from other students as well. After graduating it took some time but I eventually landed a full time position doing audio & video development for an internationally successful music software company. On top of that I also have a handful of clients that I produce hip-hop instrumentals and track vocals for! This program is great if you are serious about a career in music!

Trevor Tasker

A message from Trevor Tasker, father of HiT Graduate Brad Tasker, to our Registrar, Tony Rudner:

Hi Tony,

I wanted to thank you and HIT for giving Brad such an incredible opportunity. After leaving you he worked at Lemon Tree Records, producing, and then landed as an intern producer at, 100.3 The Q, in Victoria. He has now been appointed at Harvard Broadcasting, in their Regina studio, as Producer, in a very exciting, first salaried job. He is already making a huge difference in the Production Dept., thanks to the outstanding grounding he received at HIT.

Thank you from a relieved and happy Dad,



Brad Tasker

I came from Victoria, BC, to attended HIT,  from October 2010 – June 2011. Over the course of that time I really found myself growing as an engineer and producer, with the help of the  great teachers that surrounded me.
I find myself actively using all of the skills I learned at HIT, on a daily basis, especially what I learned in Mike Rogerson’s class in the first and third semesters. Mike gave us a very real world studio experience which has prepared me for the industry and there were no surprises, as I already knew what was expected of me.
It was also great to be taught by Brian Watson as he runs Maximum Music (EMI), and to see, in action, the strategies that he was implementing in his own business. As well as a recording engineer I am also a session drummer and with the DIY and Social Media Marketing training I received from Brian I have managed to get my self very active, drumming on many projects.

HiT Electronic Music Instructor, Sam Ryan, really opened my mind to the possibilities, and that they really are limited only by your creativity and imagination. He has a way of articulating complex theories and procedures in a very comprehensible manner. Coming from a guy that used to have the blinders on when it came to electronic music,  Sam’s class taught me some really cool tricks that I use in my radio, music and post production projects.

I worked for some time as an engineer and producer at Lemon Tree Studios in Victoria, BC.
In 2012 I was fortunate to land an engineering position at  100.3 The Q (The Islands Rock) Victoria where I got my hands dirty at the desk.

I then moved to Regina to take up a position as a full time radio producer for Harvard Broadcasting.

Harvard Broadcasting operates 11 radio stations throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Brad has been hired to function as one of the 2 head producers at their 3  main stations.  Regina’s Rock Station 104.9 The WOLF (CFWF-FM)CHMX-FM (My92.1), and 620 CKRM the Source (the official Saskatchewan Roughrider broadcasting station).

Viviam Reyes

Attending Harbourside Institute of Technology was probably the best decision I have ever made. I left my life in Venezuela to attend HIT for a year and I will never regret that. After my first semester at the school I was already helping in the studio and participated in the production of the first SVT album – great band from Vancouver Island. I also worked with live sound at the Olympics and many other audio projects that came along. HIT gave me the knowledge and skills that I needed to work in the audio industry, and  the opportunity to get my 101,110,130, 201 and 210 Pro tools certifications. The blend of the practical hands on tutoring, and informative lessons left me motivated because of the amount of input I was getting. While studying at HIT, I was also preparing myself for further studies in electronic and systems engineering which I am currently studying back in my country. I am also working on some recording and editing, and of course still playing the drums. HIT has opened so many doors for me in my professional life. I am hoping to go this year to the UK to study and work in the multimedia, audio systems and electronics industry.

Chris Anglin

Attending Harbourside IT has been a rewarding experience for me. The instructors are great and the curriculum covers all the bases: organic music, electronic music, sound for movies/tv/video games, music theory, and the business of music. Being in class with different kinds of musicians and aspiring engineers/producers from all around the world has opened my eyes to all types of music and has greatly improved my musicianship. I graduated from HIT with confidence in my education and an understanding of where the industry is headed.

Sam Law

Harbourside IT provided a great learning experience, very knowledgeable and friendly teachers, and a wonderful atmosphere to learn in. I came in not really knowing what exactly I wanted to do; I just knew I wanted to do something in the audio industry. Harbourside IT provided the most comprehensive audio engineering program around. Because of that, I ended up discovering a passion for audio post production, which I had not originally considered when first thinking about going to an audio engineering school.

Raelan Dekker

A recent graduate of HIT’s Advanced Recording Artist program, Raelan Dekker wrote, composed and performed two songs – Tulip Blossom and Rain – to be  released on HIT’s “Sessions – Volume 2” compilation album.

In 2012, Raelan established an independent audio services company – DKR Sound Inc.  Breaking into sound for television, Raelan was the sound effects editor for two high-profile television series: Edge Of War (6x1hr) (for Discovery US: The Military Channel) and Crime Stories; Blood, Lies and Alibis (10x1hr) (for Investigation Discovery).

Raelan Dekker on HarboursideIT:
“HIT gave me the tools I need to compete in the audio and entertainment industries. I picked up 5 Pro Tools certifications, learned Logic Pro and Ableton Live, upgraded my audio engineering skills, got some great marketing knowledge and even brushed up on music theory!   The instructors at HIT are industry pros and really know their stuff.  HIT has been more than a school for me – it’s been a launchpad for my new career.”

Zac Levine

Zac is currently working at Jet City Stream, a Seattle based internet radio station, where he is hosting his own radio show, specializing in local Hip Hop and Electronic music.

Zac on HarboursideIT:
By providing a fully equipped recording facility with industry standard technology and an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated faculty, The Harbourside Institute gave me the tools necessary to take my passion for audio production to a professional level. Before I had even graduated the 9 month program, I had paid work, engineering and producing for local vancouver musicians. From Producer to Songwriter, Foley Artist to Musician, Dance Hall DJ to Video Postproduction, HIT will give you the knowledge and instruction you need to become a professional in your audio field.

Update from Zac written to Harbourside IT Managing Director and Music Business Instructor, Brian Watson:

Every year since the August I moved back to Seattle, I take the time to sit down and actively think about where I am, where I am wanting to head and how do I plan to get there. I want to take a second to thank you for every Monday you spent in my class at HIT. I absorbed so much from you and Mike Rogerson and I am truly grateful for the experience. Thank you for opening the doors of my mind to opportunity and giving me the leg up on everyone else who is trying to make it in this crazy ass industry. Thank You for taking the time to teach. Thought you should know that your teaching has DEFINITELY made a positive impact on the career of one of your students.

Bill Haggerty

Harbourside Institute of Technology is a great school. A high paced informative curriculum that offered me a variety of different tools to be able to use in the world of audio engineering and producing. I have created a production, promotion and management company with a division of an independent label called “Elevated Music” which is going extremely well with the help from the teachers at harbourside. Along with the extremely motivating music Business class taught by industry veteran Brain Watson I am well on my way with my company and am extremely excited about what the future holds. Updates on Facebook and website www.elevatedmusic.ca will show the artists that are involved with the Elevated Music crew. Now a graduate from Harbourside, I recommend the school to any aspiring musician or anyone who would like to further there education in the world of audio engineering and production.

Alex Marusyk

Things are going quite well with me currently I graduated July 2010, and since then I’ve been working independently as a producer/engineer out of my home. I have five clients currently, mostly singer/songwriters. I have also been really busy with composing music for short-films, generally for VFS and CAP students. I’ve finished 4 scores so far, and since they’ve been heard, I’ve had quite a few people ask me to score their films! I am almost done my own album too, just vocals and some final touches and then its all done, and while that album was being worked on I wrote another! I’ve also been included on an album called “A Very Vancouver Christmas” it is the 5th year of the album, the producer, Jenn Ashton, sought me out after hearing one of my songs. It was released world-wide November first of this year, and I guess I will be getting some radio play on CBC sometime later this year, closer to Christmas. H.I.T. was a great learning experience for me, I would have had no idea what I wanted to do in this industry if it weren’t for H.I.T. at first I really dug the idea of being an engineer in a big fancy studio, but school made me realize I prefer working one on one with people like myself, in a small, yet professional environment. School also made me realize how much I wanted to pursue my own music career, overall, I learned more in that 9 month period than I could ever have imagined. A big thanks to you for making it all possible, and a personal big thanks to Mike Rogerson, I don’t like singling people out, but he taught me the things I use the absolute most, every day. Great guy and an amazing ear.

Linda Stephanie Griffith

Took the Ableton intensive course last weekend and loved it! The small class size, excellent teacher, and like-minded students made it worth it.

Jarrett Plett

Being a student of HIT has really had a lot of benefits – The diverse program they offer has really given me a lot of options and tools when it comes to music. In fact, because of HIT, I was able to discover exactly what I wanted to do as a drummer/producer and it allowed me to grasp the information so that I can apply it to whatever area of music I am dealing with. I now have the tools I need to stake out a future for myself within the music industry.

The name of the band I am playing with is, Sons of Granville, which is a trio, with  me on Cajon, a 12 string acoustic guitarist, and a classically trained electric viola player. We just sold out the backstage lounge last month. We are planning to busk and gig in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and London for the 2012 Olympic  Games.

Nick Nixon

HarboursideIT was the key to me finding my niche in the music industry. Without the wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and connections it provided, I would still be another wandering musician. The greatest benefit is feeling like I belong to an extended family of successful alumni and teachers that are willing and able to help achieve dreams.

Two years ago, I arrived just a bass player: now I am a touring musician, live sound-man, voice editor, studio bassist, tech, and engineer… and I am just getting started. I don’t have a day job and couldn’t be happier about it!
The first album I engineered after I graduated, was for the 2012 People’s Champ of Comedy winner, Shirley Gnome.  The recording lead to her being accepted into 2012 People’s Champ of Comedy competition, which in turn led to Shirley being accepted to perform at the highly acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
I also recorded a well-received Christmas single with the same artist.

Nick has his own production company, Nixonitis Music!

Iain McIntosh

For me HiT was an awesome experience from start to finish.
I learnt so much thanks to an interesting and well planned curriculum.
The teachers were laid back, yet very professional, and gave their support whenever it was needed.
When becoming an audio engineer, I believe that you have to have at least some knowledge about all the different aspects of this industry – Whether it was about studio recording, electronic music or game and movie audio, I was given the chance to practise all of these and had a great time doing it. I definitely made the right decision in choosing Harbourside.

Carol Carson

To the director of the Harbourside Institute of Technology:

I just wanted to say “thank you” for the wonderful experience my music students at Bodwell High School had last evening with your sound engineering students. We were treated kindly, patiently, and so professionally. It was great fun, and, as my students said, “cool” to see the equipment and get a feeling for the effort that goes into making quality recordings. Mario was the main person in charge of our group, and though he worked very hard, he also kept the atmosphere relaxed with his quiet sense of humour. The other young man (I’m sorry I don’t recall his name) put in an enormous amount of time and effort as well, and was equally welcoming.

Thanks again! We now have an “up close and personal” memory of HIT, one that will stay with us for a long time to come.

Branton Olfert

I loved my experience at Harbourside. The teachers were great, gave good realistic usable information and the amount of studio time was fantastic! I would recommend HIT to anyone interested in pursuing their musical goals.

Brent Gibson

Choosing to go to HIT for my Music Production and Audio Engineering training was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The balance between formal training and hands on experiences was invaluable for my development as a music producer.

I’m currently teaching courses in live sound engineering, and using multimedia technology in the church services at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, BC. I am also building and managing a project studio for the music students to use. I continue to work with the artist, Gina Williams, that I recorded and produced for the HIT Sessions Vol. 1 student compilation, as Global Media Music Group Canada has expressed interest in hearing more of her songs. I recently founded Windsong Music Group which will be the first Canadian production company to offer Christian Music a true “grass roots to major label” business model. Windsong Music Group  has gone about establishing strategic partnerships both with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – BC Yukon District (bcyd PAOC), belonging to one of the biggest Evangelical Christian organizations in Canada, and with Maximum/EMI Music.

UPDATE: June 2015 -Brent recently recorded and produced  the LIVE worship, More of God / More for God by More,  for Summit Pacific College, where he has become the Director of Music Leadership.

Maverick Goldsmith

HIT is amazing, it’s a great place to be and learn, its environment and staffs is great.
A college where you totally can develop and perfect all your skills to an industry standard, with a wonderful support from everyone to allow you to chase your music dreams.
Also the access to quality equipment and the facility is great.
It totally gave me all the confidence and knowledge required to get into the industry.

Adam Turner

After graduating from HiT Adam started working with local talent until he made contact with an animation/comic studio called ‘Arcana‘, for whom he did some dialogue recording. They loved his personable attitude and studio know-how and decided to hire him on a permanent basis for all their upcoming projects. That, along with his independant recording of artists, have gotten him to the place that he envisioned he’d be when he first enrolled at Harbourside Institute of Technology.

Adam on Harbourside IT:
Harbourside I.T. gave me the skills and confidence I needed to succeed in the world of sound. The teachers involved did an exceptional job of nurturing our talents and getting us to the point where we can be an asset to any audio project, and more than that, they are great people with some great experience. It took a lot of hard work, but none of it could have been possible without the skill boost from HIT.

Dehara September

Deciding to attend HIT was the best decision I could make. With the top of the line education you can obtain with cutting edge technology and instructors who are professional and on point, you will walk away with all the tools you need to compete in this industry. Learning from the best, I have the confidence through my education and guidance to SUCCESS.

Paul Baker – Bakerstreet Studios

Prospective Student’s E-mail to Paul Baker:

… I plan to attend a sound engineering school in the Vancouver area. There are a lot of schools offering audio based programs and I was wondering what institution, if any, you prefer to hire graduates from. Any information regarding positive or negative experiences you’ve had hiring from particular schools would be very helpful in making my decision. Thank you for your time.


Hi John. I hire solely from Harbourside Institute. They are the very best, with very good instructors used to the activities in modern studios.

Wish you the best.


Frans Hancke

I can say with all honesty that every moment at HiT was super inspiring. Getting to know other students who are just as passionate about music as I was and way more talented & being taught by people who are really experienced and knowledgeable and didn’t mind teaching us things we would have otherwise only learned through years of experience.

Harbourside IT definitely prepared me to work ion the audio industry – Not only did I learn the technology  involved in music production, but also, a way of interacting with other professionals and getting the best performance out of people.

Ian Day

All thanks to Harbourside IT,  I’ve gained so much experience in music. Just last year, I couldn’t even make a nice drum pattern (brutal I know), and now I’ve come to actually making enjoyable, listenable, energetic music. I followed the teachers advice, spending up to 8 to sometimes even 10 hours a day, working and practicing on Ableton. I still, to this day, haven’t gone a day without making music, watching tuts, and the ever lasting trial and error deal. I really can’t thank HiT enough, I’ve gained a talent, and hobby that I will never quit. Im sending a BIG THANK YOU, to all the teachers that I learned from at Harbourside IT. I will always support this school.

Joe DiSalvatore

Going to Harbourside was the best decision I’ve ever made. The instructors are great and very knowledgeable. The music business portion of the class is second to none. It not only helped me understand the business side of the music industry, but gave me the tools to take my own business to the next level.

Good school if you want hands on learning. Ability to book studio time, in a world class recording studio for free, while enrolled, is a huge plus. Not to mention, you’ll leave with pro tools certifications and the ability to do sound for videos games and movies – one of the best schools around for audio engineering and music production.

Alejandro Burboa Briseno

Harbourside IT is an amazing place, whether you’re starting to get into the music and sound world or want to consolidate and fortify your previous knowledge and experience.

Miguel de Jesus

Instructors were knowledgeable and the school accommodated to every need. When additional tools were needed it wasn’t long before they were supplied.

HIT Graduates

Here is a list of just some of the companies or groups that our graduates work with, have worked with or have started themselves:

Adam Turner Music
Adelphia Club Group
Armoury Recording Studios
Audio Parallax Records
Baker Street Studios
Banff Television Festival
Bodwell High School
Briere Production Group
Capliano University
CHMX-FM (My92.1)
Commodore Ballroom
Creative Recording Studios
Creber Music
Davis Audio Visual
Deep Cove Music
DKR Sound Inc.
Elevated Music
Falcon Music Network
Feldman Agency
Future Shop Audio Installation Dept.
Future Shop Musical Instruments
Gear Force
Global Media Music Group
Harvard Broadcasting
House of Blues
Jackie Treehorn
Jet City Stream
Key Meek Center
Lemon Tree Studios
Long and McQuade
Macklam Feldman Management
Maximum Music
Mushroom Studios
Nixonitis Music
Noize Pollution
O Music Studios
Partners in Motion
Pink Buffalo Films
Promised Land Studio
Pro Max Audio Visual
Pyramid Productions
The Q 100.3 – The Island’s Rock
The Red Room
Richards on Richards
Rich City Idol
Rocky Mountain Productions
Roland Canada
R & J Music
School of Remix
ShangriLa Hotel-XI SHI Lounge
Sharpe Sound Studios
Shirley Gnome
Sonic Farm
Sons of Granville
SOS Music
Steele Productions
Summit Pacific College
Swel Life Productions
TD Jazz Festival
Theatre Under the Stars
620 CKRM the Source
104.9 The WOLF (CFWF-FM)
Think Tank Center
Upstream Music Fest + Summit
Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Vancouver Music Industry Association
Vogville Recording
Warehouse Recording Studio
Warner Entertainment
Watershed Music
Windsong Music Group